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Full-Service General Contracting Specializing in Residential Custom, High-End Remodeling, and New Ground-Up Construction in Bald Head Island, North Carolina.

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We've been expecting you.

Our philosophy with construction is to build a home on Bald Head Island that we would want to live in.

Superior Construction Services, a distinguished luxury custom home builder and high-end remodeler, now extends its award-winning, licensed full-service residential remodeling and upscale new construction expertise to Bald Head Island, North Carolina. Known for our commitment to excellence in The District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and now in the serene landscapes of North Carolina, we offer unparalleled construction services that cater specifically to the unique architectural and environmental characteristics of Bald Head Island.

At Superior, we prioritize establishing lasting relationships over merely breaking ground. Our enduring partnerships with clients, vendors, and design professionals across regions have cemented our reputation as a premier, award-winning general contractor. Whether it's a bespoke new build tucked away in the island's lush greenery or a sophisticated remodel that respects the island's tranquil aesthetic, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with an emphasis on quality, sustainability, and design excellence.


We recognize that the design should reflect and emphasize the client’s own sense of personal style.


The importance of the preconstruction phase of a project cannot be overstated. This first step of the process sets the stage for success.

During this initial phase, we identify potential challenges related to building a home on Bald Head Island, permits, constructability, and more. We do not wait for problems to reveal themselves. Instead, we proactively search them out to minimize setbacks and plan for solutions that will keep the project moving forward. 


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Our mission is to be the premier Bald Head Island custom home builder that prides itself on beautiful homes with high standards of craftsmanship and timeless quality.