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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you communicate with your customers? How Often and by what method? Expand

Superior Construction Services provides access to a client portal through our Procore project management platform. Here you will be able to track the progress of your project anytime from anywhere. View the construction schedule, contract documents, daily progress reports, submittals, RFIs (Requests for Information), financials, change orders, and more.

Additionally, you will work closely with a project manager dedicated to managing your project from beginning to end. This staff member will serve as your primary point of contact for daily communication and attend all meetings with you and other Superior team members. 

How closely do you work with my architect and interior designer? Expand

Superior welcomes and prefers a close collaboration with your architect and interior designer. This is essential and prevents miscommunication leading to stress, schedule delays, and added costs. Our relationship with your architect and interior designer begins in the pre-construction phase to fully understand the project’s scope and challenges. 

How long will it take to complete a project? Is there a projected timeline? Expand

How long it will take to complete a project varies widely from project to project. The projected timeline of any given project is determined during the pre-construction phase. Superior Construction Services provides a critical path construction schedule for each project.

Is it important to plan my budget before design begins? Expand

Yes, budget is the first important consideration you will make in this process. We have expertise in creating rough estimates of construction costs. Having an initial understanding of your budget will allow us to ensure the project is viable.

If we don’t know what you want to spend, time is wasted considering possibilities that won’t work instead of focusing on how to create the most value for you within the planned budget.

We are looking to completely remodel our house. What is the first step? Expand

The first step is to perform an initial site visit. During this visit, our goal is to gain an understanding of what you envision for the overall project. Specifically, we will assess the project’s scope and needs and begin the design and permitting process. As mentioned above, planning for the budget is a critical first step on the client side.

As the General Contractor (GC), do you handle everything? Will we need to hire the subcontractors or obtain permits? Expand

We can handle everything. From pulling permits, materials, and finishing selections to the hiring of subcontractors and everything in between, we can handle all aspects of the construction process.

In what states is Superior Construction Services a licensed General Contractor? Expand

Superior Construction Services is a high end remodeler and custom home builder in Washington, DC. We are licensed to build in The District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Do you have an in-house architect? If not, can you refer us to someone? Expand

We collaborate with several highly qualified architectural firms. In addition, we will suggest potential design partners that best match your project based on the planned design and style.

Do you specialize in historical restorations? Expand

We have completed several award-winning historical restorations, but as general contractors, we have no limitations regarding design style. From historical restorations to complex contemporary designs and everything in between, we are competent, experienced, and qualified.

Are you licensed, bonded, and insured? Expand

Yes, yes, and absolutely, yes! Superior is a high-end remodeler and custom home builder in Washington, DC, who is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We are licensed in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Do you offer financing? Expand

We partner with many reputable, reliable partner lenders. We can offer financing for your remodel or new construction project through them.

How do payments work? What is your payment schedule? Expand

Payments or draw schedules are based on a percentage of work completed at the time of monthly billing. This information is always available to our clients through the client portal in our project management software.

Do you require a deposit before work begins? If so, how much? Expand

We typically require a 10% deposit that is credited over the course of the project.

How are change orders processed and documents signed? Expand

Superior strives to be a paperless company with a high degree of automation. Documents for change orders, progress reports, and submittal approvals are handled digitally through our project management software. All change orders require client approval and are discussed and submitted during regular progress meetings. They are then executed via DocuSign through our project management platform.

Do you belong to professional organizations? Expand

Yes, Superior belongs to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, the PRO MidAtlantic Professional Remodeling Organization, the Maryland Building Industry Association, and the National Association of Home Builders.

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