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Rifat Omazic

Rifat received his professional education at a vocational school focused on construction in former Yugoslavia. At 18 years of age he began working as a tile installer and never looked back! In 1997, he immigrated to the United States with his family. Construction codes differ from country to country so as a newcomer to the US, Rifat had to prove himself every single day.

His first job in the US was in window assembly followed by masonry work for a restoration company. He then spent four years as a tile installer before he was drawn to carpentry with a home builder. There he was promoted to Master Carpenter on projects such as kitchens and custom builds. In 2014, he served as a Project Manager with a general contractor where the main focus was custom high-end remodeling. 

Having amassed an incredible amount of experience in a variety of roles, he ventured out on his own in 2019 building custom cabinets and vanities. In 2021 he made the move to Superior Construction Services, where he progressed quickly from laborer to site supervisor, managing a crew of 25. 

Despite the fact that he has a wealth of experience and knowledge acquired over his 25 years in the industry, one of the things Rifat loves the most about construction is that he has the opportunity to continue learning new things every single day. His inquisitive mind and multi talents make him an exceptional team member at Superior.  For him, the most satisfying part of the work is when the job is completed and delivered to delighted clients that let him work on their dream home.