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Middle aged contractor with face mask and hat caulking a bathroom

Building in the Time of COVID

Superior Construction works hard to bring our clients’ needs and styles to life. Thousands of homeowners are noticing that their homes need improvement to make them better spaces to spend more time in. Now that more of us are working from home, a better home office is needed, and sometimes a school room. We offer residential and commercial building services from underpinning basements to building bathrooms to exterior stonework and more.

There are some facts about building in the time of COVID that I want to share. It’s important to keep our clients informed about the challenges to building presented by COVID and how we maintain excellence in our services by adapting to these challenges.

Obstacles We Overcome

These are some of the issues that builders, homeowners, and others in the construction and housing industry are dealing with:

  • Supply chains are disrupted. Some materials aren’t available or alternate vendors must be found.
  • Supply chain issues delay the preparation of appliances like the windows and doors.
  • Supply chain issues slow down shipments of woods like cedar that we choose for their beauty and durability.
  • Problems with staffing cause further slowdowns. According to the Washington Post, about 1 million construction jobs were lost.
  • Prices are affected on materials like bricks, glass, and steel. For more information on the prices of homebuilding materials, check out the Federal Reserve’s Economic Data (FRED) site.
  • More measures must be taken to protect builders from infection as well as the typical risks of our work.

The Future of Home Building

These may be the facts, and I acknowledge them, but I’m not going to spend valuable time complaining. This is the time to evaluate how we work and keep changing along with the circumstances. We refuse to let the quality of our service decline.

Here are some strategies for building during COVID:

  • Explore new and alternative building materials to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Virtual collaboration platforms make it possible for clients, realtors, builders, and more to interact in real-time.
  • Virtual collaboration strategies allow different sectors of the building industry to interact. Professionals in robotics, shipping, and HVAC can stay updated and help each other improve for a better client experience.
  • I maintain fair and honest hiring practices and treat my employees right. I value our employees’ skills and work ethic deeply.

Using these tools and techniques is not only advantageous for getting the job done right, but also safer. We are constantly making moves to be more sustainable and more affordable.

For Our Clients and Partners

Practicing patience is not fun, but it will help everyone and reduce your stress. If you’re planning to sell your home or commercial building, use delays to refine your strategy and notice anything that needs doing. There are fewer existing homes to sell at the moment, so you want yours to be as attractive as possible. However, more of the homes for sale at this time are new homes. With the widespread movement to remote work, thousands of workspaces sit vacant, presenting new possibilities.

Superior Construction loves to help our clients and partners create the perfect space with our experience and expertise. We support the green initiative and sustainable harvesting, along with the professional installation of solar panels and geothermal systems.

Contact us online any time or call us at (202) 465–4330. We’re always glad to hear from our community.