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Innovative Architectural Trends for Luxury Homes: Superior Construction’s Expertise

Americans spend billions of dollars per year on home improvements and new home construction.

 Are you thinking about building a new house or enhancing your current home? Either way, who doesn’t want a luxurious space to call their own?

 In this blog, you’ll learn about the latest architectural trends for luxury homes that you can apply to your next design project.

Trend #1: Modern Designs

Modern home design is highly minimalistic and focuses on function. Modern homes are easily recognizable because of their rectangular designs, simple exteriors, and lack of adornments.

Many modern homes also feature extensive glass windows or even entire glass walls, providing lots of natural light and helping them to feel open and inviting.

Modern homes tend to include natural materials, like rich, warm wood, which help to make the structure feel more grounded. Their design may mimic the surrounding landscape, too, making the home feel one with nature.

Trend #2: Minimalism

Even if you’re not entirely sold on modern home design, you may still like the idea of a more minimalist style. Minimalism is very much on trend right now — and is likely going to stay trendy in the near future.

Like modern home design, minimalism is characterized by clean lines and simple architecture. Minimalist homes also tend to feature monochromatic color palettes with accent colors to add interest and character.

On the inside, a minimalist home will typically have an open floor plan with large windows and lots of natural light coming through.

Trend #3: Emphasis on Sustainability

Sustainable building is hugely popular these days — not surprisingly, considering 78 percent of consumers say a sustainable life is important to them.

If you want your home remodel or new home to be on trend, look for ways to make it more eco-friendly.

For example, you can incorporate sustainably sourced materials like recycled plastic, bamboo, or reclaimed wood. You can also utilize green technology, like solar panels, and biophilic design elements, like living walls or green roofs, to create a stronger connection between you and the earth.

Trend #4: Nature-Inspired Design

Building (no pun intended) off the trend of sustainable construction and remodeling, another trend that is gaining a lot of traction these days is nature-inspired design.

Many designers and builders are looking for ways to incorporate natural elements into the homes they create. For example, they may include more natural wood or stone in the construction process to bring some of the outdoors inside.

Trend #5: Indoor-Outdoor Living

Speaking of bringing the outdoors inside, a combination of indoor and outdoor living is also trendy among luxury home builders (as well as those looking to renovate their homes).

The idea is to seamlessly blend the indoor and outdoor living spaces with the help of large windows and glass walls. Many designers include outdoor entertainment areas that branch off of the main house and allow the residents to have a greater connection to nature.

Trend #6: Smart Home Technology Integration

Over 60 million U.S. households actively use smart home devices. With these devices being such prominent staples in people’s homes, it’s no wonder that more homeowners are looking for ways to integrate the technology better.

The following are some examples of smart home tools and technologies that builders and designers are incorporating into the home remodeling and building process:

●     Smart lighting systems, which allow homeowners to adjust lighting settings from a mobile device or centralized control panel

●     Smart security systems, which allow homeowners to monitor their property and receive alerts about suspicious activity

●     Automated window treatments, which allow homeowners to adjust the amount of light coming into the home and provide extra privacy when they want it

●     Smart thermostats, which allow homeowners to adjust their home’s temperature remotely

●     Smart water sensors and valves, which alert homeowners to potential water leaks and allow them to take action quickly

●     Smart appliances, which allow homeowners to control and monitor devices from their phones

Trend #7: Focus on Wellness and Relaxation

Nothing says “luxury” quite like a space designed exclusively for your rest and well-being. That’s why, when planning their home renovation or home-building project, many people are focusing on spaces created for enhanced wellness and relaxation.

Home spas, meditation rooms, zen gardens, etc., are popular fixtures in homes of all sizes and styles. These spaces work very well with other trends mentioned on this list, too, such as indoor-outdoor design and the incorporation of natural elements.

What to Look for in Luxury Home Architecture Services

Do any of these trends for luxury homes appeal to you? If so, you need to partner with a highly skilled and experienced team of architecture professionals to transform your home (or build your dream home from the ground up).

How do you know you’ve found the best team for the job? When looking for architecture services in your area, keep these guidelines in mind:

●     Consider their specialties: If you want a luxurious home, you need to work with an architectural team that specializes in luxury home design and construction.

●     Look at portfolios: Check out the company’s portfolio to see if you like their style and the quality of their work.

●     Read reviews: Reviews from previous clients will help you better understand how the company works and how likely people are to work with them again or recommend them to others.

●     Ask for a quote: Always get a quote before making a final decision. Quotes will help you get a better sense of how much the construction or renovation process will cost and allow you to budget accurately.

Take Advantage of These Luxury Home Trends

Are you ready to level up your home and create a greater sense of luxury? If so, Superior Construction offers innovative architecture services that can help you achieve your luxury design dreams.

We are an award-winning building company with over 30 years of experience in luxury design and high-end remodeling in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. Contact us today to learn more about our services.